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January 2015 Archives

Dangers of heavy machinery in the workplace

Workers in Oklahoma who use heavy machinery should be conscious of safety regulations. Although machinery makes work more efficient, it also introduces dangers into the workplace as well as the need for extra precautions. Injuries from machines can range from burns to crushed hands or amputations.

Falls are common source of worker injury and death

The risk of injuries on the job in Oklahoma varies by industry, but falls are a perennial source of injuries and even deaths. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that falls injured an estimated 212,760 people in 2009. Some industries are more prone to fall accidents than others.

Who can be found liable for construction-related injuries?

Oklahoma residents might benefit from understanding more about which parties may held be liable for injuries incurred in a construction accident. Because of the dangerous nature of the work, injuries at these job sites can be a frequent occurrence. Promoting safety awareness through inspections, regulations and employer policies is often the recommended approach towards reducing the risk of injury or death at construction sites.

New regulations from OSHA for Oklahoma employers

In an effort to improve workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has stated that new regulations for reporting injuries have been instituted as of Jan. 1. The new regulations, applicable to employers in Oklahoma and around the country, require prompt and detailed descriptions of deaths and hospitalizations that result from accidents n the workplace. Greater amounts of information are expected to improve efforts to identify common dangers in workplaces and help prevent injuries in the future.

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