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April 2015 Archives

Workplace heat dangers

Oklahoma workers who are required to work in hot environments and may want to be aware of the Occupational Health and Safety worksheet suggestions for monitoring and treating the effects of heat. Primarily, it should be recognized that heat can be a dangerous factor in both an inside and outside work environment.

Excavation and trenching safety measures

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that in the decade from 2000 through 2009, there were 350 workers who died in accidents caused by trenching collapses. The majority of these deaths occurred in trenches that were less than 10 feet deep. Because a cubic yard of dirt may weigh more than 3,000 pounds, a cave-in during an Oklahoma trenching project can have devastating results.

Scaffolding accident may point to bigger issues in the industry

The construction industry largely relies on Latino employees, and Oklahoma residents should be aware of the fact that Hispanic workers are disproportionately affected by accidents in the industry. Although the construction industry is becoming less deadly as a whole, Hispanics are more likely to be killed or injured than non-Hispanics. An accident that occurred on March 23, 2015, could bring this issue to light.

Oklahoma nurses at risk in work-related accidents

It is common knowledge in the health care industry that nurses and other health care professionals experience workplace injuries at a rate much higher than other occupations. In fact, recent Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the rate of on-the-job injury in hospital orderlies is significantly higher than the rate of workplace injury for firefighters. In fact, the rate of workplace injuries experienced by hospital orderlies and nursing assistants is almost double the rate experienced by firefighters.

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