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May 2015 Archives

Workplace injuries caused by animals

Dangerous animal species ranging from poisonous snakes and spiders to rabid bats can be found in Oklahoma, and they can sometimes present a danger to workers. Workplace injuries associated with the state's fauna run the gamut from minor insect or snake bites to serious accidents involving larger animals such as cattle or horses.

New OSHA rule impacts contruction businesses and workers

Oklahoma employers who own construction businesses face new federal requirements designed to safeguard their workers. The new rule, which takes effect on Aug. 3, 2015, requires construction companies to have a plan in place when their employees will be working in confined spaces.

Employers' responsibilities after a workplace accident

After an Oklahoma worker is injured on the job, the employer must follow certain protocol to ensure the worker's immediate safety and avoid any further injuries. Paperwork must also subsequently be completed by the employer and submitted to its workers' compensation insurance provider as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

OSHA requirements for employers in Oklahoma

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers in Oklahoma and around the country to provide safe working conditions for their employees as well as keeping track of injuries and reporting them. To the extent that is possible, employers must ensure that the workplaces are free of hazards, and when hazards are unavoidable, organizations must take steps to ensure that employees are able to work safely.

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