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July 2015 Archives

Avoiding injuries from robotics at work

Oklahoma workers whose jobs entail being around robotics may be interested to learn about the safety regulations that have been enacted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Injuries involving robotic equipment often occur when workers are maintaining them, repairing them, adjusting them or otherwise using them. There are several precautions employers should take to help prevent these types of injuries.

OSHA's fall protection policy

OSHA's fall protection standard is designed to protect iron workers at construction sites from injuries. It is a broad policy, encompassing many different types of structures. Some structures are exempt, such as tanks, electrical towers and broadcast towers. The OSHA standard is a national standard, so it is applied at construction sites in Oklahoma and in other states.

OSHA focusing on workplace safety for nurses

Nurses and nursing assistants in Oklahoma and across the country may soon see greater attention being paid to the risks they face on the job. This is evident in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration considering financial penalties for hospitals that fail to have proper equipment, training and support for nurses. The injuries suffered are frequently stemming from having to lift patients.

High risk of injuries for recycling workers

Recycling may be good for the environment. However, a new report released June 23 shows that the safety of workers in the recycling industry may be at risk. Oklahoma residents who work in recycling might benefit from knowing the risks they are exposed to and ideas on what can be done to increase worker safety in their industry.

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