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August 2015 Archives

Cost of hand injuries high for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is a major employer in Oklahoma, and safety experts have identified it as one of the riskiest for workers. With a fatality rate eight times above the national workplace average, the oil and gas industry places workers in difficult environments filled with chemical hazards and heavy machinery. Aside from fatal accidents, hand injuries have emerged as a leading type of workplace injury in this industry, and they come with high costs.

OSHA updates procedures, policies for amputations

Workers in Oklahoma may want to know about the revisions that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made to its National Emphasis Program regarding amputations. The document includes a record of the industries that have a high number of these types of injuries.

Safety efforts to be stepped up in mines

Safety at mining facilities in Oklahoma and around the country is the responsibility of the Mine Safety and Health Administration, and representatives of the federal agency say that inspection and enforcement efforts will be stepped up following the deaths of three mine workers on Aug. 3. A plant operator in Virginia was killed when a silo split open, a Nevada miner lost his life after being struck by equipment and a North Dakota mine worker perished after being engulfed by a stockpile.

Solo worker safety an issue for employers

Workers in Oklahoma who are consistently isolated from their colleagues are classified as "lone workers," and it has been found that these employees may be at higher risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Those who are often placed in isolation, especially when they work in large areas like a warehouse with few others around, may not have the means to alert their co-workers if they are injured. Further, co-workers may not be trained in what to do immediately if a fellow employee does suffer an injury.

OSHA cites Ashley Furniture for workplace accident

Ashley Furniture, with retail locations in Oklahoma and around the country, has recently been charged with nearly $1.8 million in fines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited the company for failing to report a workplace accident at its Wisconsin factory in which an employee's right finger was severed. The incident occurred in March while the employee was operating the company's machinery.

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