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September 2015 Archives

More hours may mean more risks for EMS workers

EMS workers in Oklahoma and throughout the country who work long shifts might be more likely to be injured or become ill at work. A study that was recently published in a peer-review journal found a link between longer shifts and increased injuries and illnesses among workers in emergency services. Furthermore, the risk appears to increase along with the length of the shift.

Workplace lighting technology for safety

Many workers in Oklahoma rely on lighting tools to maintain the safety of their work environments. When construction and manufacturing workers perform jobs in low-light areas, it is imperative that they have high-quality flashlights and other lighting tools to illuminate potential hazards. Fortunately, recent advancements in lighting technology are helping to keep workers safer than ever.

Avoiding electrocution on the job

When working around electricity on an Oklahoma job site, it is important to be careful as one mistake could result in serious injury to an individual or to others nearby. One way to prevent possible electrocution is to ensure that power is cut off to any wires that need to be cut, connected or otherwise manipulated. Even at low voltage, electricity has the power to end a person's life if it passes through vital organs such as the heart.

Fogging eyewear can lead to workplace injuries

Oklahoma workers who are required to wear safety glasses while on the job are always at risk of having them fog up. Because fogging goggles can make it very difficult for employees to complete the job, many simply refuse to wear them. Failing to wear safety glasses has led to serious eye injuries; in fact, 10 to 20 percent of those who suffer a workplace eye injury temporarily or permanently lose their vision.

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