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October 2015 Archives

The dangers of combustible dust explosions

According to the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, there were 281 combustible dust explosions in workplaces around the country between 1980 and 2005. These accidents killed 119 workers and injured 718. In order to reduce the number of such incidents in Oklahoma and across the United States, the National Fire Protection Association has released a new Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also focusing on ways to reduce combustible dust incidents for general industry.

Workplace safety lockout programs

Maintaining lockout programs is an essential part of creating a safe workplace in Oklahoma. Employers with effective lockout programs can prevent a lot of accidents that take place when machinery is mistakenly left on before cleaning or maintenance. However, there are many workplaces where lockout programs do not prevent injuries like they are supposed to.

Safety concerns during construction of off-shore project

Despite its association with carbon-based fuels, the state of Oklahoma has a surprisingly large number of wind energy farms. Off the coast of Rhode Island, however, the first wind farm being constructed offshore has encountered some problems. Because of this, the construction is being closely monitored. Located on Block Island, many safety and health problems were experienced during the early construction of this five-turbine project.

Filing workers' compensation claims

Oklahoma workers who have been injured on the job need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to filing workers' compensation claims. While the right to compensation for work-related injuries is an important benefit, it is up to the employee to ensure that claims are appropriately filed within the state's two-year statute of limitations.

Farm safety is a vital concern

As many Oklahoma residents know, farming is a hazardous yet necessary occupation. In light of the contribution farmers make to the United States, every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has honored National Farm Safety and Health Week. Each year, special emphasis is placed on the safety measures farmers need to take.

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