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January 2016 Archives

Excavations bring unique worker hazards

Oklahoma construction workers handling excavation tasks may be at risk of site-specific fatal accidents, such as suffocation, fume inhalation, drowning, electrocution and explosions. For this reason, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that certain work sites incorporate special protections, like testing procedures, site inspections, traffic control and construction coordination.

Disabling injuries and workplace safety statistics

An Oklahoma worker doesn't have to be involved in a profession that centers around heavy labor to suffer a disabling injury from overexertion. However, the professions most closely linked with such injuries are those involving regular lifting. These include movers, laborers, and nursing assistants, according to 2014 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Liberty Mutual's 2016 index for workplace safety uses 2013 BLS statistics along with information from the National Academy of Social Insurance to provide an overview of injury trends throughout the nation.

In 2015, mining deaths fell again

Oklahomans may be interested in the fact that mining deaths for 2015 reached new lows, showing continued declines from the late 1970s. According to data from the Mine Health Safety Administration, 28 people lost their lives in mining accidents, fewer than the 29 who died in a single accident in 2010.

Managing workers' compensation

Oklahoma employees who get hurt on the job may have varied experiences with workers' compensation depending on how their claims are managed. It has been estimated that just under a third of all injured workers need medical guidance instead of medical care and may actually be better off by being assessed by a nurse immediately to determine their requirements.

Older workers have impact on workplace injury statistics

Changes in both the economy and retirement benefits have had an impact on worker demographics in Oklahoma and around the country. Many people are working well into their sixties or longer, and this shift toward a graying workplace has also had an impact on workplace health and safety statistics.

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