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February 2016 Archives

OSHA events help keep Oklahoma workers safe

Throughout the months of February and March 2016, employers in the oil industry are encouraged to Stand-Up for Safety. During this time, employers are encouraged to offer training, inspect job sites and take other steps to create safer working conditions on job sites. The event is a joint effort between NIOSH, OSHA and the National Service, Transmission, Exploration & Production Safety (STEPS) Network.

Workers more likely to be fired following a work-related injury

A study conducted at a Harvard University graduate school has revealed that nursing facility employees injured on the job are commonly more prone to quit or be fired after only working about half a year following their injuries. This may not come as a surprise to many Oklahoma nursing facility workers who have also suffered a workplace injury.

Poor truck maintenance cited in Swift Transportation lawsuit

Truck drivers in Oklahoma may be interested in the progress of a lawsuit against trucking giant Swift Transportation. A woman who claims to have suffered disabling injuries to her hands while operating a Swift truck in 2012 alleged in her lawsuit that negligent maintenance resulted in her accident.

Controlling hazardous energy in the workplace

Oklahoma residents who work in certain construction trades or other crafts may face serious risks on the job related to hazardous energy, especially in cases involving the maintenance or repair of equipment. Hazardous energy can exist in various forms, including chemical, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic. The potential of this energy to harm or even kill an individual is what makes it hazardous, but safety measures are typically used to minimize the risk of contact.

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