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March 2016 Archives

Those who have sleep apnea more likely to be injured at work

Oklahoma companies as well as their employees may be interested to learn that people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea are more likely to get hurt during work. A Canadian study has found that patients with sleep apnea were almost three times more prone than other employees to become injured due to inattentiveness or lack of careful vigilance.

Case shifting and workplace injuries

Each year, many Oklahoma employees suffer injuries related to their jobs or that occur in workplace accidents. According to industry insiders, some doctors will attribute injuries that are not directly traceable to a person's employment to the workplace anyway because of the higher payment rates they can receive from workers' compensation rather than health insurance.

Keeping construction cranes safe

Oklahoma construction workers may be more likely than other types of workers to consider safety issues when they see a crane in the air above a work project. However, those who don't operate cranes might be surprised that standards for eligibility to run this type of equipment have not been established on a national scale. In the interest of safety and efficient performance on their job sites, most contractors select crane operators who have the appropriate experience for the job. Although efforts to develop a certification system on a national scale are underway, the efforts have reportedly been slowed until at least 2017.

Better hard hats for Oklahoma workers

Hard hats have been used for an extended period of time to help protect workers in many Oklahoma occupations from injuries. They are supposed to be worn when there is a possibility of being struck by a flying or falling object, being shocked or being burnt. However, due to the fact that many hard hats are very uncomfortable, people don't always wear them, increasing their risk of injury.

OSHA data shows consequences of unsafe working environments

Oklahoma residents who work in the meatpacking industry know how dangerous their jobs can sometimes be. According to data obtained from OSHA, there were 34 injuries reported at 10 Tyson Foods plants in the first nine months of 2015. Of those injuries, 17 were amputations. Some of the injuries involved finger tips or portions of thumbs. However, others involved entire fingers while one injury cost a worker both of his hands.

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