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May 2016 Archives

GAO says meat, poultry worker injuries underreported

Workers in the meat industry in Oklahoma and throughout the country might be facing injury at higher rates than are being officially reported, according to the Government Accountability Office. While injuries are down overall, the GAO identified a number of factors that may be keeping those rates underreported.

Statistics backs idea that some jobs are deadlier than others

People may not be surprised to learn that certain industries are more hazardous than others. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report released in May 2016 makes it clearer which modern careers are actually the most dangerous. For Oklahoma workers, this data could provide some insights into the kinds of jobs and workplace factors that contribute to the potential for ham.

Some employers will have to publish individual data

Oklahoma residents may soon be able to look up their employers or prospective employers to see the number and types of injuries and illnesses employees have experienced. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has finalized a rule that will require employers to make that information public in a searchable database.

Avoiding workplace injuries

Each year, many Oklahoma residents are injured while they are working at their jobs. People can be injured at work while performing a variety of different tasks. Even things that might seem innocuous can lead to workplace injuries. Workers and their employers should take steps to minimize the risk of them occurring.

Good work boots are important

Having good footwear can help with protecting Oklahoma workers in a variety of occupations from being injured on the job. When employers are considering the kind of work boots they should supply or ask their employees to purchase, they should take steps to make certain they are choosing brands that meet federal and state safety standards.

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