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October 2016 Archives

Gun rights in the workplace

Approximately 2 million people are victims of workplace violence every year throughout the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the fifth leading cause of workplace fatalities is homicide, representing approximately 8 percent of the total. However, Oklahoma recognizes the right to carry firearms, and workplaces must make accommodations between providing reasonable security and allowing constitutionally-protected freedoms.

Staffing agencies, host employers and safety

Many people in Oklahoma work for staffing agencies that facilitate temporary employment gigs for them. A staffing agency may send a temporary worker to a location for one day, several days or several weeks depending on the host employer's needs. While these people are on the job, the staffing agency and the host employer both share a responsibility to protect their health and safety.

Workers' compensation benefits decline to historic low

According to a study, workers' compensation benefits have fallen to the lowest level since 1980 around the country. This may be due to changes in the laws in Oklahoma to limit access to workers' compensation when workers are injured. It might also be attributed to fewer people being injured at work or their returning to work much faster.

Preventing combustible dust explosions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a fact sheet to help reduce combustible dust explosions at manufacturing plants in Oklahoma and nationwide. These explosions have the potential to occur at any plant that contains dust particles, including dust particles that aren't normally considered flammable.

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