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March 2017 Archives

The hazards of grain storage facilities

Oklahoma has hundreds of livestock farms and ranches of all sizes, many of which have storage facilities for grain and other feed. A study that is conducted annually by Purdue University tracks the number of accidents connected to grain handling, and its report for 2016 has revealed a significant increase in fatalities over the previous year.

Workplace safety and health programs in Oklahoma

More than 4 million workers a year sustain severe occupational injuries or illnesses. While such incidents negatively impact employees and their families, companies also suffer losses in expenses and productivity. Every week, companies spend a billion dollars on workers' compensation, which is money that could be better spent growing small businesses and creating jobs.

DOL cracks down on workplace safety

Oklahoma employees who are concerned about their workplace safety should be familiar with the solicitor's office at the United Stated Department of Labor. The office assists the DOL by using legal actions to accomplish its objectives. This may entail engaging in litigation or alternative methods to arrive at resolutions. It also includes developing standards and regulations.

Criminal liability following workplace accidents

Employers in Oklahoma and around the country can face criminal penalties when workplace accidents and injuries are caused by willful violations of recognized health and safety regulations. Executives can be fined as much as $250,000 and spend up to six months in jail under the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, also referred to as the OSH Act. Sanctions could be even more severe in states that have passed similar laws.

Signs of workplace safety

Contractors in Oklahoma may do a variety of work on many different sites, and they may wonder about the safety of premises where they work. There may be a few indicators that suggest a site has taken safety into consideration.

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