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July 2017 Archives

The importance of safety procedures in manufacturing

In Oklahoma manufacturing plants, productivity is often seen as one of the highest priorities. However, the plant workers are critical when it comes to a manufacturing plant's productivity as they are responsible for manipulating the machinery and handling a variety of materials. These types of jobs can expose employees to serious injuries.

How to reduce accidents in trenches

Proper safety and supervision programs are vital to keeping Oklahoma trench workers safe. A single cubic yard of dirt weights about 3,000 pounds, which is enough to crush a person. While fatal trenching accidents doubled in 2016, OSHA says that they can be prevented by following its safety protocols. Keeping employees safe may also be a way for owners and managers to avoid liability.

Wearables could support workplace safety and injury recovery

Wearable activity trackers that monitor heart rate and count steps have become popular in Oklahoma, but technology developers have proposed expanded roles for smart personal medical monitors in the workplace. A presentation given at a conference described how wearable technology could assist workplace safety managers. More advanced devices on workers could collect data about body mechanics. Managers could use this information to evaluate injury risks and work toward prevention.

OSHA rule on falls questioned due to fall safety provision

Oklahoma workers may be aware that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its rule to help prevent workplace falls. The final rule became effective on Jan.17, 2017. However, one of the key provisions is being questioned as OSHA now allows people to work near the edge of low-slope roofs without proper fall protection as long as the work is infrequent and temporary.

Protecting minors from workplace injuries

During the summer, many Oklahoma teenagers opt to get a job to earn some money while they are out of school. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, however, they are at risk for serious injuries due to a lack of inadequate safety training, unsafe equipment and lack of supervision.

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