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Workplace injuries caused by animals

Dangerous animal species ranging from poisonous snakes and spiders to rabid bats can be found in Oklahoma, and they can sometimes present a danger to workers. Workplace injuries associated with the state's fauna run the gamut from minor insect or snake bites to serious accidents involving larger animals such as cattle or horses.

Employers' responsibilities after a workplace accident

After an Oklahoma worker is injured on the job, the employer must follow certain protocol to ensure the worker's immediate safety and avoid any further injuries. Paperwork must also subsequently be completed by the employer and submitted to its workers' compensation insurance provider as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Workplace heat dangers

Oklahoma workers who are required to work in hot environments and may want to be aware of the Occupational Health and Safety worksheet suggestions for monitoring and treating the effects of heat. Primarily, it should be recognized that heat can be a dangerous factor in both an inside and outside work environment.

Oklahoma nurses at risk in work-related accidents

It is common knowledge in the health care industry that nurses and other health care professionals experience workplace injuries at a rate much higher than other occupations. In fact, recent Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the rate of on-the-job injury in hospital orderlies is significantly higher than the rate of workplace injury for firefighters. In fact, the rate of workplace injuries experienced by hospital orderlies and nursing assistants is almost double the rate experienced by firefighters.

How employers can address fall hazards during construction

Many construction workers in Oklahoma and around the country die annually from falls that occur while they are erecting exterior and interior walls in residential structures. Employers can help to reduce falls and increase safety at the workplace by taking precautionary steps in addressing these workplace hazards.

More workers injured after daylight saving time change

Oklahoma workers and employers may want to exercise caution in the days following the daylight saving time change each year. Studies have shown that the annual springtime ritual, which took place on March 8 this year, could lead to an increase in work-related injuries.

Nail gun injuries in the construction industry

Construction workers in Oklahoma often use nail guns as part of their josb. Although these tools are excellent for speeding up certain tasks, they can also be dangerous when used incorrectly. According to data compiled by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nail gun injuries result in 37,000 emergency room visits every year.

Heavy vibrations in workplace can result in injuries

Vibration injuries in the workplace can be aggravating to Oklahoma workers who may not know the extent to which the vibrations harm their bodies. When a worker is exposed to repeated heavy vibrations over long periods of time, it can result in physical injuries that could require medical attention.

Falls are common source of worker injury and death

The risk of injuries on the job in Oklahoma varies by industry, but falls are a perennial source of injuries and even deaths. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that falls injured an estimated 212,760 people in 2009. Some industries are more prone to fall accidents than others.

Who can be found liable for construction-related injuries?

Oklahoma residents might benefit from understanding more about which parties may held be liable for injuries incurred in a construction accident. Because of the dangerous nature of the work, injuries at these job sites can be a frequent occurrence. Promoting safety awareness through inspections, regulations and employer policies is often the recommended approach towards reducing the risk of injury or death at construction sites.

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